What is a podcast?

A podcast is an audio file that is released on the internet for any listener to download and enjoy. Types of podcasts are as diverse as types of TV shows, and they often use similar series and theme structures. Some common podcast styles are talk shows, news, self promotion, comedy, drama, fiction, and documentary.

Do I need a podcast?

The human voice is the best vehicle for authenticity and context. Podcasts are intimate and engaging, inviting the listeners to join the story or conversation. If you'd like to engage an audience with interviews or stories, then a podcast is right for you or your organization!

Can't I make a podcast for free?

Like most things on the internet, yes, you can find a way to make it for free. But, there are more than one published million podcasts. Do you have the time and skillset to stand out and be heard? Analytics, cover art, booking guests, editing, editorial skills, and equipment purchasing are among some of the overlooked but must-have items to create a successful show. We can help you with all of it!

How will I get people to listen to my podcast?

Podcasts are available on hundreds of distributers, the most popular being Spotify and Apple Podcasts, which most people have on their smartphones and computers. Social Media, word of mouth, email marketing, and cross promotion are among the best ways to gain listeners. If you have an interesting show and strategically market your podcast, you will gain a following.  

Can I make money from making a podcast?

In short, it is difficult. But, it is possible! Podcasts typically need at least 3,000+ monthly plays (called downloads) to be considered for ad revenue from outside internet advertisers. Podcasters make money oftentimes from the side benefits like customers visiting their stores, buying their products, or using their online content. Some podcasters use Patreon and Venmo to collect donations. Some podcasters can sell advertising to local businesses.

How much does audio production cost?

According to the Association of Independents in Radio, or AIR, experienced audio producers charge $75-150 per hour for services in 2019. Peach Islander Productions strives to make audio services affordable. Reach out on the contact page for a free quote.

I want to make a podcast but I don't know where to start.

Lucky for you Founder Hans Copeland has been on the ground floor of producing more than a dozen podcasts. They have helped turn the foggiest passions into regular shows.

What equipment do I need? Can I use your equipment?

We'll gladly work within your budget to outfit your home with proper microphones and sound paneling to capture great sound. If you'd like to borrow equipment or come to the studio, let's talk!

Can I record my podcast remotely?

Absolutely! It's common to have podcast hosts, guests, and storytellers located all over the globe.

Do you produce music?

We do have experience in mixing and mastering recorded music. 

I can't stand the sound of my own voice!

This is a common problem. We know from experience that this anxiety often fades after some time, when you gain an appreciation for your own pipes! Or if you want founder Hans Copeland to host your show, they just might! Hans has years of public radio and show hosting experience.

What's Peach Island?

Hans Copeland and some friends embarked on their first road trip alone one summer to a peninsula known for peach harvesting along the Mississippi River. The destination could only be accessed by ferry. It sounded so romantic the trip was dubbed "peach island." A bad storm cut the adventure short after the car and its passengers drove off the ferry landing and into a parking lot heavily flooded by the Mississippi River. No one was hurt, except for the car which flooded to the roof while its passengers escaped! Hans knew they had to turn lemons into lemonade, or peaches into pie. They decided then, in 2010, that "Peach Island" would be the name for a creative project.

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