Audio Engineering at NPR

As an NPR Audio Engineer, Hans "drives" live programming, edits final audio stories before air, and makes connections for guests at NPR Master Control. "Driving" a show means operating NPR's large Lawo console (sound board) during lives shows such as "Morning Edition" and "All Things Considered." At NPR, we call the final audio edit before a story errors a "fix," in which an engineer will improve a story's audio quality. Making connections at master control involves routing many different communications forms, such as Facetime, Comrex, etc., into NPR's studios so they are ready for broadcast or recording.

"Your Pregnancy Week by Week"

15,000 downloads strong and counting, "Your Pregnancy Week by Week" is helping moms have healthy babies all over the world. Judith Schuler, author of the best selling book, "Your Pregnancy Week by Week" has teamed up with Peach Islander to release short, science filled advice episodes for every week of pregnancy.

Podcast Studio Design-Build

Colorado State University needed a podcast studio in downtown Denver location. So they called Hans Copeland who transformed their 10' X 12' office space into a 4-person recording studio. Hans purchased and installed Acoustimac sound panels to absorb echo in the room. To keep the space easy to use and professional-grade, they chose the Rodecaster Pro audio interface and microphones. Hans used a soldering iron and hole saw to keep all cables and equipment clean and accessible on a small recording table.



Produced 12-Albums for Local Bands

In Hans Copeland's audio production class at Colorado State University, students learn how to produce music for local bands. Each semester, Hans' students split into two groups and set-up and produce the recordings of 4-songs for a local band. The class mixes the songs, and the bands choose their favorite mix. The winning mixes are published at The course helps local musicians obtain quality recordings and gives students a chance to publish their work. Read the full story here.

"Spur of The Moment"

10 billion mouths to feed by 2050. A diminishing water supply. Climate change. These are big challenges, and they require big solutions. This podcast aims to understand the forces shifting our global trajectory around food, water, and health by talking with people making a difference in these fields. The podcast comes to your from Colorado State University's Spur Campus in Denver, where global challenges are addressed through research and education, inspiring the next generation. Hosted by Jocelyn Hittle and produced by Hans Copeland.

Course and Organizational Development

Colorado State University Adjunct Instructor Hans Copeland has developed three original courses: Audio Production and Editing, Radio Operations, and Podcasting. Much of Hans' teaching style derives from real world experience in the local music and local news world. Hans also serves as the General Manager for 90.5 KCSU, CSU's student-run radio station. Hans has developed a comprehensive 5-week DJ and podcaster program. The program includes an original digital text book, co-written with students, and audio files which students use to edit to their first podcast. Copeland possesses strong management and organizational skills, but recognizes the creative juices and talent of her students make KCSU a leader in the college radio industry.

KCSU House Podcasts Concept, Produced by Students of 90.5 KCSU

The wheel is a beautiful thing, isn't it? You don't need to re-invent it! During the summer 2020 of the Covid-19 Pandemic, Hans Copeland worked with KCSU students to re-organize KCSU radio content into four weekly house podcasts: KCSU Music, News, Sports, and Live In-Studio. The team re-structured the content that KCSU was already producing for radio to capture it in a podcast format. Now, listeners can head to the radio station's website or Spotify page 24/7 to hear new stories. All podcasts are still in-production today.

Many organizations already have stories in-house waiting to be told. It just takes some creative re-arranging to showcase them.

KCSU Music Director Lindsay Johnson

KCSU News Directors Kota Babcock, Ivy Winfrey, and Thomas Taylor

KCSU Asst. Sports Director, Jonathan Gillham

KCSU Local Music Director, Maddy Erskine

CSU's First Podcasting Class

Hans Copeland developed Colorado State University's first ever podcasting course. They designed it so that students can produce a wide variety of podcast styles, and experience every part of podcasting from microphone to master. Students set up a home recording studio, develop themes for their stories, write, record, and produce real podcasts. Those episodes are then published on the "Audio Workshop of Colorado State University" podcast. There's no better way to learn than by doing, and that's why Hans' classes are so hands-on. Every student will walk away with a published piece of work to be proud of.

"Patria Del Cuore"

After his nephew is disowned from his family for being gay, single and childless vineyard owner Sergio takes the boy in to raise him. In the process, Sergio must confront his own identity and feelings.

Hans Copeland guided 6-students through the recording, production, and editing of this podcast. The show was recorded remotely in early 2020, before that was a common thing to do. Hans mastered the final product before it's release in honor of pride month 2021. Learn more here.

"It's Not Human Sexuality"

Reproductive Health professionals Dr. Betsy Cairo and Mandy Johnson have a mission to make reproductive health education available for free to any child, parent, teacher, or person who needs it. Developed in 2018, their show has three seasons and counting covering anatomy and physiology, conversations with reproductive health educators, and stories of sexual abuse survivors. Producer Hans Copeland brings together the unique talents of the hosts to create a consistent and growing show.

"International Local Music Exchange"

ILME features a different music and hosts from a different local music scene around the world on each episode. Any local music fan is welcome to create a one-hour local music program to feature on this podcast.

Our goal is to make the International Local Music Exchange a regular podcast and radio show that any radio station or listener can share.

The International Local Music Exchange is a partnership formed by Oregon State University (KBVR), Colorado State University (90.5 KCSU), Loyola University Maryland (WLOY), and The College Radio Foundation. Hans Copeland helps coordinate and produce this show.